Senseless, the Lot of Them


He has nothing to lose, EXCEPT HIS POWER.

Honestly, how can a U.N.-sponsored democratic election depose a man who has shown time and time again that he is more than willing to arrest, torture and kill suspected "enemies of the state" to protect his power? I say that he has to be removed from power by force. Whether or not this requires going to war is debatable, however, FORCE IS NECESSARY IN THIS SITUATION.

Some say that Saddam's transgressions against the Kurds are limited and/or insignificant compared to the harm we, the United States, are committing. Saddam has killed as many as 3.5 MILLION Kurds. That's more than half as many Jews as were killed in the Holocaust. Honestly, if you can just stand back and say that killing the equivalent of the entire population of the Twin Cities Metro area is alright, and you can live with yourselves, then by all means do so. I, however, believe that now (actually twelve years ago) was the time for action. Saddam and his fascist regime must be deposed, as he poses a direct threat to not only the people of Iraq and Kurdistan, but, depending on what he's hiding, the entire world.

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