Some People Make Me Sick

The other day, I see Grey Davis on TV, trying to beg the people not to kick him out of office. His excuse for everything that has gone wrong under his watch is that the vast right wing conspiracy is trying to gain control. Wake up asshole! Maybe people are going to kick your sorry rear out because you were arrogant from day one, and under you California experienced the worst energy crises in the nation's history and your state accumulated a debt large enough to accomodate the entire country. Davis can suck it, and he definitely deserves to be kicked out. Whoever has followed his progress as governor realizes that he is incompetent and arrogant in the face of crises. When his state didn't have power, he was lauding himself as a genius in front of the cameras. Now Californians have taxes through the roof, have to pay more than in any other state for energy, and face a 27 BILLION dollar debt which was nearly been classified with a "junk" rating from the S&P. Have fun in the unemployment line Grey.

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