Follow Up To: Legalized Marijuana: WHY?
Posted: [6/29/2001 5:58:38 AM | Chris Franson]

I would like to start my follow up to Franson?s article by declaring that I am a supporter of the Republican Party. I am not a conservative republican; instead I am a fairly liberal republican. But yes, I am a republican.

As Franson stated: ?Little jimmy is interested in getting high, and he doesn't want to kill himself using inhalants, or pay a whole bucketful of greenbacks to get hooked on cocaine or heroin.? This is the scenario that Franson created for his argument; I will use the same. In the current situation Little Jimmy would walk down to a park, a street corner, a back alley, or any other place that has some dealers near by. Little Jimmy gets some marijuana laced with LCD and Little Jimmy ends the next day dead with an overdose. That probably won?t occur but it could . . . and probably does. If marijuana was legalized this situation would never occur.

Little Jimmy goes to the local drug store to get his marijuana, and he gives the pharmacist his forged prescription, and walks out with his marijuana -- this would hardly ever happen because the chances that little Jimmy can actually forge a prescription and get away with it are so small. I am sure when congress instates the bill that they will take some precautions, so that it would be very difficult to forge a prescription for marijuana. For the sake of discussion though, what if Little Jimmy gets away with it. He is going to have safer marijuana ? some that isn?t laced with LCD. Jimmy doesn?t end up dead with an overdose the next day, but instead just gets a little high.

?Why may I ask would we want to make drugs even more accessible to young people in this already drug-infested society?? (Franson) More accessible! What is easier going to a street corner or park or wherever to get drugs, or getting the paper that doctors write their prescriptions on, then forging their signature, then walking over to a local pharmacy, then waiting for fifteen to thirty minutes because the pharmacist takes so bloody long. Which is easier?

There is no reason to keep allowing the drug lords to control this profit making, life-destroying drug. Instead I would rather have the Government control the trafficking of this drug. This is a simple choice, who would be better to have control the drugs and the outcome of little Jimmy?s drug experience, the mobs, gangs, and drug lords or the government . . .?

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