I was watching the O'Riely factor the other day and one of the guests said something to the extent that the liberals never praise the government for what they do well and they are always critizcizing it. And I took that to heart and the more I thought about it, the more I started agreeing with it. And then after I appreciated it for its valor I then thought to myself that that isn't such a bad thing. The federal government does not need people telling it "oh what a good job you did" and "way to go" no with the boundless potential that a our democratic system gives people should be always saying what it needs to do better. Just because the government improves on an issue we should not sit back and become passive, but instead we should appreciate the fact that that situation was resolved and start protesting and raising our voices about another issue that the government is doing wrong. And therefore there should never be a time in our history were people are saying that the government is doing a great job, but rather people should say the government has to do this and do that. It is our patriotic duty as democratic citizens to protest the government and to do it constantly!

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