The First In My Series of Great Injustices of the world:

Ok, this is what happened to me today: In gym we were playing a modified game of keep away, and when the retarded girl in our class dropped the ball, I took it and refused to give it back. Then this girl named Amber yells at me to give it back and I say "It's a game, I play to win." She then states that I should give it back because she is retarded. I go, "No preferential treatment!" Somehow I come out of this as the bad guy, even though no one on MY team objected. Am I crazy or is playing to the best of my ability a crime, if the retard is exempt from the rules what is the point of playing the game at all. In other peoples' minds I think they think that because they have the retard on their team they should be garraunteed the win! THIS is unjustice.
Same Gym class we played a game of team handball. The aforementioned Amber was on the opposing team to me. Every time she shot the ball (I was the goalie for most of the game) she screamed "No special treatment this," to which my response was, "Just the way I like, bring it." This served to enrage her more. During a period where I wasn't playing goalie, I used my strategy of standing between the player with the ball and the goal to great effect. The rules of handball as we play it are that you must shot from beyond the baseline of the basketball court to the goal on the other side of the track. Amber decried my tactic as unfair though nothing prevented them from using it for themselves and promptly tried to dislodge me from my position as that tactic had worked on a previous occasion. She learned better as she got a swift shoulder to the gut and a blocked shot. Suck it Amber!!!!

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