The Sword That Cuts Both Ways

In agreement with Gross, there are flaws in most equality issues. Granted I do think that women deserve equality to some degree, I disagree with how they think that they deserve better. It's not just equality, women want to have benefits while being still equal(example: there are at least 3 channels specifically for women, but if any channel were be specifically for men, the womanist would be all over it). This it reminds me of a quote from a good book, "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others". In reality, men and women aren't equal. They're different, and therefore shouldn't be treated exactly the same. Unfortunately, women don't realize this. I don't think women should be treated equally; they should be treated fairly. If a man is better at something, he should do it, and vice versa. And honestly, I really have no problem with the feminist channels as long a channel more men isn't shunned

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