The Untalked about Side Effects Of Feminism

I would like to start out this editorial by saying that I have nothing against women and they contribute to the economic and social betterment of this nation, while at the same time allowing me to stare at something prettier than Jeff or Steve's (or my own) ass. But I attack some of the bad effects of feminsim because they need to be talked about eventhough I still support the advancement of women in a society controlled by men. The problem is the forciation into a state of submission towards female issues. A couple of good examples of this is in school if I try and express my view point on the women's movement it immediatly gets shot down, and not only does it get shot down but is gets shot down by the lack of evidence and lack of logic that teachers are trying to promote being used. Feminism has forced these people to mindlessly follow what they have been told about the wonders the feminst movement has done for use. Another example is when I was in church my deacon said that Adam was the one to first eat of the horrid apple that has supposedly cursed mankind from the day of its eating. Now the problem with this is that the bible says that it was Eve to originally eat of the apple, so why doesn't my deacon just say that? The reason is that feminism has pushed him into a state where he merely urges to be politically correct and to aviod offending any women. That seems queer to me because why should we change history to accomodate to not hurt some women's feelings? And that right there is one of the reasons I dislike the movement.

The other reason I dislike feminism is because at least one of arguements that is largely equated to feminism is the issue of abortion. I dislike the stance by a fair number of feminist groups is that their are very hypocritical arguements. To begin a common arguement is that I shouldn't even address this arguement because I am a man and this is a female issue, but if this child is merely a female issue than why should men have to give economic support to the child? If men have no choice on the issue of abortion, meaning that the child is soley the property of the mother, than they should not have to pay for something that they have no ownership of. This is very hypocritcal. Also why is the child the property of the mother to kill. NOW a women's organization supports pro choice, and at the same time they don't support the death of Andrea Yates, who killed her children. In other words this only brings me to the conclusion that NOW and other women's organizations place women over children saying that they are important, and that it is quite okay to kill your children, with no punishment to the mother. Wow this issue simplified seems really awkward that NOW and a significant percent of women's organizations support killing and no redemption to the killer. And I have said is once and I will say it again, that just doesn't settle in my stomach.

To reiterate I support most of feminist ideals and feminst organizations, but too many of their failures go untalked about because it has become a taboo issue and instead we the common people are just told to put blindfolds over our eyes and listen to what ever the feminists tell us. And I can not do that.

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