The downside of capturing Saddam

I don't mean to sound as though I think the capture of Saddam is a bad thing, by all means I am glad that he was captured, I am also glad that he was living with the rats because that is his rightful place. The only problem with the capture of Saddam is that it is going to give Bush a reason to get out of Iraq. Bush like his father might say, oh well, our mission is completed I can just pull out now. The problem is that we have to rebuild Iraq and ensure that a stable government takes over, unlike what we have done in Afgahnistan. If we are to pull out now, ever soldier that died has died in vein because we will have done nothing. Iraq is looking for a leader, to rebuild their nation, to bring peace, and to bring freedom . . . the first dictator that comes into Iraq will be heralded as a hero, and will have Saddam two. Bush the senior already pulled out on the Iraqi people, which left many dead as kurds revolted against Saddam and were brutally supressed.

So basically my point is this, we can rejoice in the fact that Saddam will hopefully meet the same fate as Milosovic and that one of the world's greatest evil will be punished in this world, but we can not forget, in our rejoicing, that Iraq is still very explosive and if we forget about it, as we have with Afgahnistan or as Bush senior did, we will be back in Iraq in about 10 more years. Bush has to take seriosly the fact that hundereds of US soldiers have died, and he has to honor their deaths by finishing the job, and hopefully bring peace and hopefully a true democracy to Iraq.

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