Troubles Over the Pond

Bush is a horrid diplomat and that is the final answer to all of our problems. Bush can't seem to get the world to support what ever we do no matter what we do. In fact he actually had some difficutly putting together a coalition after 9/11, as a lot of Europe were skeptical about him. Our days of doing what ever we wanted with support from other nations are over. If you look back at Clinton's term no matter what he decided to do the majority of Europe was on our side and now with Bush as our president not even our allies are on our side. And what does Bush do in response . . . Gives them the finger! He doesn't understand that America can't exsist without the help of the other nations of the world and there is no way that we could win a war against Europe. This whole cowboy bullshit that Bush tries to put on is screwing America right up the asshole, but instead of possibly reforming what the fuck does he do . . . pushes more and more and more. Straight up he is ruining our country he is like Louis XV in that he has been handed the most prosperous nation in the world, with yes some issues that need (but could be resolved) and yet he has done everything possible to drive a stake through our nation. And this is just foriegn policy . . . look at domestic policy. He is stripping us of civil liberties and he is going to try and take more and more away, plus there is a new patriot act that is spreading around (I hate to do this but it expressess myself quite well) :( ! The whole Iraqy situation, personally I think that Bush is just throwing a bluff that he is going to war because he is really a big pussy. But no matter if it is a bluff or if he actually is going to war, he has handled this situation horribly. By basically giving the finger to the UN and saying "Bah, you guys dont' know what the fuck you are doing" he has alienated every single nation in the world except for two, the only two that aren't in the UN. And you know what Bush if you diss Kofi you have to mess me with next because I will kick the shit out of you if you keep stepping. Look at our relations with France, Germany and Russia. All three of those nations have refused to aide military support for Turkey (to potentially "protect" Turkey from Iraq) through NATO. And besides the fact that NATO is a horrible organization because military alliances only perpetuate more military alliances, this is the first time that NATO has refused to fold like a deck of cards to the US especially on an issue that the US thought to be so important. Bush does not know what is going on period, but specifically he can't fucking realize that America need allies and by giving the finger to all of our allies is not good policy!

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