Oasisband.net 20 Year Spectacular

Twenty years ago today I was a 14-year-old kid on a 33.6k dial-up modem punching names of things I liked into a site that purported to give out free ad-supported domain names. Eventually I hit on one that was available. Thus, Oasisband.net was born.

What started as just a random collection of junk I was interested in grew into a major creative outlet for many of us. We argued and illustrated and sang our hearts out. We were a community in the truest sense, and in a way I have not experienced in life since.

I am beyond grateful for the happiness and joy Oasisband brought me, and for setting me on a path to learn the skills I still use in my career today.

Happy 20th Anniversary to us!

I wish us all the best!

Comment by: Jesse Donat on
Just double checking the comment box works… never know.
Comment by: Alek on
Yeah, looks like it’s working
Comment by: Ben on
Still going strong after 2 decades!
Comment by: Paul J on
Can we get more pickles in the gif? And fireworks too please.

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