We Have Release Date

The new site is coming along quite well, although its not up to "the dream" yet, not even close, but any way two ways about it its better and more maintainable than the current site. Theres not that much left to do before I'd be happy with a launch, I'm currently fixing some database stuff, I need to get some major work in on the Obloglog, finish up the comics section, get some preliminary work done on the users pages and maybe improve the way movie reviews work a little, but really end of the month is a doable goal.

It is actually something of a forced launch date as our gracious host is shutting down this server, and has intentions of migrating us to a new server with all the latest bells and whistles (PHP5, MySQL 5, etc) and I figure why monkey with the old site to make it work on the new server when I've got this shining new one. So as it stands, expect the new Oband sometime around the first of the year!

-Jesse Gordon Donat

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