We Musn't Abandon Iraq

After all the instability that has occured in Iraq, including the assassination of the head of the governing council, there has been much speculation that Blair and Bush are going to pull out of the country. This is a mistake that we cannot afford to make. If we were to pull out, it would be a decision made in order to save political careers, a very stupid reason to abandon a country that we have an obligation to help rebuild. What happens in Iraq will decide what is going to determine the future of the Middle East for as far as the eye can see. If Iraq could become a flourishing country where citizens are given freedoms, the entire Middle East will progress towards greater liberalism as well. If the US and UK withdraw their troops, extremists will have won yet another victory and fundamentalism and totalitarianism will continue to reign over the Middle East. The United States will be dragged into the region time after time as the threat of international terrorism will continue to grow if something is not done in the Arab World. The United States must not waiver.

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