We Severed All Ties

Back when the stars aligned and we created Oasisband, we used Geocities for hosting, Namezero as a registrar, and Blogger for posting. We have now successfully moved away from all of them. The news page (you're reading) was the last page to be moved to my posting system.

Well, this weekend a lot has happened with the site. Firstly you might notice the new main page. Internet Explorer hates it, I plan on writing some code to catch if you're using IE, but for now I suggest you upgrade to Firefox or at least the IE7 beta. The new pages are all going to be XHtml Transitional Compliant, though thus far I believe the only pages that are are the main page and Oasisband Insight. A number of pages look really ugly at the moment, but rest assured they'll be fixed. Also, if anyone actually uses Narwhal Email anymore drop me a line. donatj@oasisband.net else I shall be sending it the way of the They Might Be Giants page.

Server-side as well as application-side coding of the new version of Omnipresence has completed. There will soon be a "Oasisband Services" page (to possibly replace the crappy software page) which will include the awesome downloadable version of Omnipresence as well as a web based version (at forshizzles request). PS: Oasisband Writers can download an advance version right now here.

The Album Reviews Page is nearly ready to go mainstream. It's in the sidebar now as well as the new and improved in vogue screen. Some links still don't work and the page alignments is still a little off, but expect to see it working in full by the end of the week. Also, many of you have been whining at me to get the search up. It's just about ready as well so be patient.

The image server is soon to be implimented sitewide. You can see an example image here. This will allow all the writers to easily include images inline in their posts.

Also, you may have noticed some kind of bot was spamming the crap out of the shoutbox. That should be fixed now, but the cost is you can no longer use @'s in the name of the shoutbox, I guess not really that big of a deal.

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