What an Idiot-fest!

On one side you had a bunch of radical leftists giving speeches that any kindergardner could come up with, like: Speaker, "War is Bad!"; Crowd, "Yeah!"
On the other side you had a bunch of people who actually were pushing for war, hoping it would come. "Nuke Iraq," how stupid is that? Who actually pushes for a war? That is a sign of true stupidity.

Jesse, you seem to be no different than the protestors, probably even worse. You would rather go and appease Sadam than confronting the fact that we are dealing with one bad mother fucker. According to you, the only bad thing he ever did was "kill a few kurds." How about over 100,000, and he didn't just shoot them, like he has done to thousands of his other countrymen, he gassed them! He used the one of most horrid weapons known to man to kill not only his enemies, but elderly, women, and little children. He also slaughtered thousands of Shiite muslims, as well as executing those in his inner circle. This includes several of his own son-in-laws. In the last 6 months, he has executed scores of his own generals. Do not fool yourself, Sadam is not a nice guy, and he is a brutal, EVIL dicatator.

Another one your two step plan for world peace, Jesse, is to give Iraq its dignity back. I agree completely. How can Iraq possibly have dignity while Sadam is in power? When Sadam is gone, and when Iraqis are able to choose their own destiny, then it will be on the road to getting dignity. By the way, the reason that Iraq is required to defend themselves with outdated troops, is because Sadam has had a history of aggression. He has attacked five of his neighbors and he was the first person in 50 years to use weapons of mass destruction of any type. YOU are not in second grade! Stop pretending that Sadam is Mr. Rogers! You know very little about the history of the middle east, and even less about its culture. The only thing that Sadam understands is force. That's the way the game is played in the Middle East. The only way that you will ever be able to get a MADMAN like Sadam Hussein to cooperate and play nice is to threaten him.

Comment by: Jessse Donat on

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