What can I add

Ben, I'm going to agree with you. Limits of speech exist. That means we don't have free speech. Since this is true, we don't really have free speech then, do we. I'd like to clarify that not only are there laws contradicting free speech, many social places such as malls or other places I can't think of right now have whatever rules they want. My point is I think we should have free speech. It's in the constitution. I doubt this will happen because people lazy idiots who can't tell if somebody is lying and aren't going to bother trying to find out if a fictional situation is true or not.

Paul, you're an idiot; stop talking.

Gross, I tend to agree with your predictions for what will happen. It's one thing to critique current policies; it's quite another to criticize what hasn't happened yet. I say this because the US doesn't have unilateral support. There are countries who oppose our conquering of Iraq. Let events play out.

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