XL1The little orange box just sits there

The little orange box just sits there
Bristling with knobs, dials, and buttons
A porcupine
Fanning its spikes

"POWER" creates light
Streaming from the window at its center
Bathing the rack below it
In a soft synthesized glow

"But it's so small!" he remarks,
Giving one of the knobs a twirl,
"I thought synths were huge."
Not this one.

I reach under his curious arm,
Still yanking at the knob,
And tap in a preset
As effortlessly as breathing.

"What did you do?"
He asks.
What did I do.

I've just created a universe
Spanning years and miles
All within a pair
Of magnetized cones.

He presses a white key
Moving up to a black
And proceeds, rolling his eyes back into his head
To ascend a scale.

Only the faintest traces of sound
Can be heard
Seeping through the seal
Around the headphones clamped to his head

He removes his hands
He removes the headphones
He turns to me
He says

Absolutely nothing.
The expanding grin
Below his wide eyes
Is enough for me

"I want one!"
"I know."
"Can I have it?"

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