It isn't exactly a piece of cake to for citizens to leave those countries. They don't even have that freedom in many places. Fine, let the bastards rot, but lets not pretend that hanging homosexuals and stoning to death adulterers is morally equivilant to trial by jury. If a country is crazy and it keeps to itself, fine! The fact is that we have been damaged by countries who began as despotic regimes minding their own business. Who cared about Taliban Afghanistan before 9/11? They were just blowing up thousand year old Buddah statues, not Americans (actually, they were harming us indirectly by harboring Bin Laden before 9/11, I am just trying to make a point)! Just because a country has a different form of governement is no reason in itself invade a country, but pretending that everything in the world is morally equivilant is not a good thing.

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