3 kinds of people who might actually piss off mother teresa

1.) People who drive for miles with their turn signal on

We've all seen them, you're minding your own freakin business and then bam!, some asshole appears to be making a turn... but wait! he's/she's not turning at all. I think these bastards are using some kind of torture to test, cause they make me wish i had a bond car with nuclear tipped missles behind the headlights. I don't know if Mother Teresa ever drove a car but chances are she rode in one and these people probably pissed the hell outa her.

2.) Psycho Political Bastards

Nothing like an election to bring every single self righteous politician wannabe with an agenda out of the woodwork. Everyone knows someone like this, everyone. I mean damn, not only do the vast majority of us not give a damn what you have to say, the rate at which we want to kick your ass skyrockets as you tell us why the republican agenda will result in Canada taking over the lower 48 and cause California to split of and go join mother Russia. Please, your fucking pissing me off, shut up, or I'll release the damn dogs.

3.) Hippies

Oh man, Hippies. You'd think we would've found a way to rout them all to canada but no, every now and them Im stuck driving someone who feels it absolutely neccessary to insult me with a bumper sticker reminding me that meat is murder and that trees feel pain. First of all, meat is tasty, and second of all, trees are plants. You hear me? They are plants, I'm pretty sure the trees woulda got off their collective ass and rebelled or something. I mean damn people. Whats worse is the people who protest big SUV's because they pollute, then get in a car. Hell people. just about everything that breathes pollutes. I mean cows emit a large amount of methane gas every year and I still havent heard anyone call for death to cows. Stick to your damn principles people or lack there of.

Comment by: Paul Johnson on
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