Down with the UN and up with something with balls

Recipe for UN...
1 Part General Assembly
1 Part Security Council
1 part USA

Note: keep French and Russian components in separate bowl to prevent rampant ineffectiveness...

Ok, this UN idea, oh so very flawed. While it is true that the UN has helped mitigate a number of global conflicts, the have become an organization with balls the size of peas. Heck they had a great idea, lets name Libya head of the Human rights council. They have sat on their ass watching Sadam Hussein defy its resolutions like they never existed. Something like 12 resolutions since the Gulf war have been passed to peaceably remove weapons from a man hell-bent on using them. Iraq has openly defied resolution after and watched the world play right into his hands. Now a worldwide league of bleeding hearts has come to the defense of this maniacal madman. I?m sick and tired of hearing about how America has no right to disarm him. We are simply the only nation on earth with the mental capacity to see through Sadam and the balls to enforce the conditions of the agreements that the Security Council, not just the united states, agreed to. Those include the complete dismantling of Sadam?s weapon program of which Baghdad has both conceded exist and refused to destroy. In further violation of UN resolutions he has begun to retrofit his rockets to go farther than ever before placing the entire middle east at risk. Iraq is a rogue, a volatile threat to not only the national security of the United States but to the stability and security of the Middle East. As for intense opposition, a great deal of Those Arab leaders and populations who so often blast the US, have documented their support for Sadam's overthrow, they've just managed to do it while the cameras were off, and they knew no one was listening. Then there?s this, we'll be killing innocent people. First of all, let's just overlook the thousands of Iraqi?s that Sadam has had killed, and his use of biological/chemical weapons on them. As for the war serving US national interests, even if that is the case, if that happens to be a side result of the enforcement of broken resolutions that were meant to end a threat to global stability, then its fine with me. This isn't a matter of liberal vs. conservative its a matter of enforcing the rules that seek to keep men like Sadam from becoming a threat. Sadam has had his turn at the wheel of diplomacy and made a laughing stock of efforts to peaceably disarm him, now its time to bring the battle to him.

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