For Democrats its Less Truth, More Bush Bashing

As many of you are aware, the British Intelligence Service and Scotland Yard disrupted a major plot within the last few days to blow up ten commercial airliners traveling between London and the United States. President Bush is right to indicate that this plot is proof that we are a nation at war. The Democrats on the other hand have crawled back into their little ball of nonsense. The right honorable gentlemen Sen. Edward Kennedy was quoted by the BBC saying: "It is clear that our misguided policies are making America more hated in the world and making the war on terrorism harder to win" (link). The left actually believes we are fighting an enemy that would just leave us alone if we "played nice." Instead of acknowledging that we face an enemy more determined than any we have ever faced, the Democrats care little about the truth and more about bashing the President. Al-Qaeda has been determined for the better part of two-decades to bring America to its' knees. I'm highly skeptical that they're just going to stop because we leave them alone.

As long as there are terrorists who desire the US?s demise and countries that harbor and promote terrorism against the United States, we are a nation at war. Diplomacy must always be the first recourse when dealing with a dangerous regime but the 1990's were proof of Iraq and Afghanistan's refusal to deal the US and the UN in good faith. Approximately 10 different Security Council resolutions (I have an earlier post documenting this) were passed during that decade that called for negotiations and then military action should Iraq defy the resolutions. Each time Iraq violated a resolution, instead of taking the promised action, the Security Council simply passed another resolution telling them they had been "bad." In the case of Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they simply refused to negotiate in good faith all together. Diplomacy was given 10 years and nothing in the way of progress was made. The world simply has a weak stomach for leaders who follow through on their promises. This is why the world hates President Bush, and why I have no regrets about voting for him.

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