Hugo Chavez Dictator on the Rise

Funny development from South America, Hugo Chavez fresh off wining elections in Venezuela plans to rewrite the constitution down there to remove any limitations on the time he can spend as president. Somehow this scares very little of the international community. Looking back on world history, all dictators have been rather quick to make sure there are no limits on how long they could stay in power. Venezuela?s constitution has this pesky clause restricting how long one can stay in power. For Mr. Chavez this is just not gelling with his "revolution," what to do. Ahh of course, lets rewrite the constitution. This has long been a favorite technique of the world's dictators, and Hugo Chavez is a dictator masquerading around as a man of the people. The BBC has quoted him saying that he intends to stay in power till 2021! 2021! You can disagree with the policies of the United States as much as you want, but Mr. Chavez also intends to completely socialize the Venezuelan economy. While Mr. Chavez has decided to ignore history, others like myself will take a second look. Socialism works only when no one has any desire to improve their standing in life beyond the average. Every communist nation, China, North Vietnam, Cuba..., there are those with power who live a better life than those without. Socialism doesn?t work because inevitably a small percentage of the people are able to concentrate power. Mr. Chavez has also decided that he will send his oil to China instead of the US, because he "He does not wish to have his democratic credentials, his style of government and his socialist project scrutinized internationally." (from BBC). Gee if I was a dictator in disguise I sure wouldn't want my government policies scrutinized internationally. Though I guess that?s the benefit of dealing with a Communist Nation (China) who has no regard for the policies of who their dealing with instead of one that does. Turns out for the United States, this whole doing the right thing and caring about the policies of the people your trading with is a really huge pain in the ass, but I guess that?s why we?re so loved.

BBC article:

Comment by: Forshee on
Man Atimes is dead. . . *tumble weed*
Comment by: Jesse Donat on
Wasn't there a medium line "hotter than a dead chicken" or something?
Comment by: Andy on
No one deals with China quite like we do. They're building their economy on our economic recklessness. But we can't trade with Cuba. Oh, no. They're communists.
Comment by: Andy on
China is building their *empire on our economic recklessness - an oversight in typing that could have been avoided if these boxes didn't suck so hard.

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