Jesse wont do it, but im holding a walkout against the walkout at 2:35

In this world derranged political ideology we some how wind up in Hopkins. Instead of taking pride in our school district's academics we should immediately turn our attention to the shear number of rebels without a cause. Free Speech is all great and wonderful, but that doesnt mean we should just say or do what our impulses tell us. The less then stellar walkout became little more than a congregation of young people who seemed to be using the Iraq issue as a publicity stunt that crashed in the hanger. Everyone is entitled to have and express their opinion, but petty little exploits like what happened today do nothing more than deligitimize your stance in the eyes of those your trying to win over, no matter how justified you are in your beliefs. Seeing how i've been labeled a war hawk, all of americas esteemed liberals and/or 3rd partiers will probably say this is a load of shit. All i can say to them, the only way anyone of a differing stance is ever going to take you seriously is when you stop acting shocked that there are people in the world who dont agree with you, and stop treating them like the anti-christ.

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