"Kofi Bashing"

Andrew you shouldn't be so quick to brand me as a blind patriot. You have this steadfast devotion to an organization that while, yes has helped mitigate many global conflicts and helped neutralize a great deal of conflicts, has shown an inability to follow through on its word. Had the UN acquired some decent sized balls, and the courage to follow through on its word despite international opposition, then I would probably have qualms about US intervention. However, the UN for all of its accomplishments has shown a chronic ability to ignore those "pesky" resolutions that demand it make a choice that will make some nations unhappy. THE POINT IS, Those promises were made by a COALITION (as in more than just the United States) of nations dammit. And as a result, for supporting the passage of these, France, Russia, Germany, and any other nation who supported the resolutions to disarm Iraq, are summarily obliged to follow through on them, even when there is opposition. France in particular is not innocent, they have tremendous oil agreements in place with Iraq for its oil and would bring billions of dollars to France in the form of oil refining. And yet, the league of bleeding hearts and mindless protesters, continues to blame this problem on the US. Its time the world took its head out of its ass and realized that IRAQ is the one at fault for this escalation in conflict. Sadam Hussein knew what he was doing when he defied those 12 resolutions to disarm, and he has slipped through the cracks again and again. The global community seems oblivious to the fact that the US is simply enforcing the consequences of breaking the rules, Iraq and no one else, started this so called "blood thirsty American war" (this would qualify as sarcastic) when it first defied a resolution to disarm. Holding the US responsible for doing what the UN has shown a chronic inability to do, increases the level of mindless following. For someone so in touch with the world, I find it hilarious, that you somehow turn a blind eye to the millions of mindless "supports of peace" (the continuation of appeasement to a psycho (sadam) is more fitting) clogging the streets of the worlds cities, fighting for a maniacal madman (Sadam) and his sickening regime. You want blind following of a cause, hell, these zombies are delivering it to your door.

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