Republicans giving Republicans a bad name

Recently a debate has emerged about whether or not a pharmacist should be allowed not to sell because it violates their personal beliefs. As a republican I've got to say this an outrage. You are entitled to your personal beliefs, you are not entitled to force other people to live according to them as these pharmacists believe they are. The pharmacists who are refusing to sell birth control (including the morning after pill) having blatantly overstepped their authority. A patient should have the option to pursue any relevent medical treatment without having to worry about whether someone's religious and moral beliefs are standing between them and their health. As a christian I also believe that abortion is here and here to stay. My personal stance is that abortion should be allowed in the first trimester or whenever the health of the mother is in jepordy, and I find this a hard position to argue with. Regardless, abortion is a serious procedure, and if an inexpensive pill can eliminate the need for a costly medical operation then isn't something like the pill the lesser of two evils (though i dont see it as one) for someone opposed to abortion? Regardless, I think its unfortunate that a few off the deep end republicans are giving the rest of us a bad name.

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