Todays run down of the top 10 things that piss me off...

10.) Sex in the City (the show... sex is still good to go)
9.) Toyotas (it's like they're mocking me)
8.) Bond Chicks (they're hot and out of my league... dammit)
7.) Stupid People (they piss me off)
6.) The speed limit (should only be a suggestion)
5.) People who drive exactly the speed limit (i mean wtf)
4.) People who drive slower than the speed limit in good driving conditions (seriously... it's time to get off the road folks)
3.) Dance Dance Revolution (beating level 572 doesn't make you sexier)
2.) MTV's show Laguna Beach (because the whole place freaks me out and the world revolves around the upper midwest anyway and you know it)
1.) the Metric system (metric system=instrument of communism)

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