Why I hate Michael More

Michael Moore is set to release Fahrenheit 9/11. A movie that will no doubt have a substantial impact on the way certain Americans will view the upcoming election. His movies may be full of interesting facts and raise many good questions but at the same time, all they do is raise questions and spew propaganda. For example, his last epic, bowling for columbine, was critically acclaimed for its "damming" portrayal of the reasons behind the columbine shooting. Upon watching this movie, I was dumbstruck by how well Mr. Moore manipulates people by praying on their emotions. It?s really unbelievable. He brings up situations in a way that will achieve the desired atmosphere for his films. Never mind that there might be a rational explanation for something, Michael Moore's philosophy seems to be, why answer the questions when we can let an audience sensationalized by the topic, let their imaginations run wild in the search for an explanation.

Basically I'm sick and tired of people treated Michael Moore as some kind of martyr. He is as far from the average Joe as David was from Goliath. The man is a billionaire with the unfortunate ability to unfair prejudice people by pasting together the facts however he sees fit. I?m not saying the world is one big happy family, I?m just saying the world doesn?t need Michael Moore editing down history into a propaganda speech.


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