This is cool...

I just want to thank Jesse for letting me in on this.

~Chris Franson

I'm in!

I'm in!

Why I hate Minnesota

I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, only lately was it that I realized everyone in it is liberal. I hate liberals, I find them to be incredibly hypocritical, they whine about the destruction of nature, then they drive there SUV's that get a whole eight miles to the gallon. SUV's are designed to drive through the woods, not for city driving. The thing that seems completely ass backward to me is the Lexus SUV, you spend 80 thousand dollars on it, are you going to be driving it through the woods? I do not think so, what good is it? You can't drive it in the woods, and its no good for driving in the city. Its like having velvet work boots, totally unnecessary. If you need to haul many people around get a Minivan, maybe you've heard of them. Well, back on topic, I even get harassed because I'm republican, I hate this state and I am just about ready to move to Kansas. Well, that concludes my first entry.

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