My bro Gross is quite a schmuck
He burns his hair, doesn't pluck
Always freestylin'
Never complyin'
Yo yo dizzle nizzle... fuck!



Madness, woe, and subtly sweet gloom
'tis what lies in the eye of such who live as such
may by no means be
leave thy live, for not a soul can assist
a means to an end
an end to a means

I stupid poem I wrote late at night



Believe in life. Believe in death.
Believe in peace. Believe in war.
Believe in poverty. Believe in money.
Believe in me. Believe in you.
Believe in believing in something.
It doesn't matter what you believe in
just believe in something.

(Crappy poem (with good meaning) inspsired by a good song by Youth Brigade)


Through lamentations of yesterday
We only forfeit tomorrow
Our transgressions of today
Will but lead to sorrow
But by and by
Through time and tide
Today will fade to marrow

I thought we needed new content and this came to me in like 30 seconds. Let me know what you think and sorry for the crappy rhyming.

Tired. Slow.

Tired. Slow.
Want it. Need it.
Find it. Take it.
Drink it. Sip it.
Taste it. Burning.
Feel it. Tingling.
Now it's..
In the...
Smile now. Happy.
Feel it. Energy.
Like it. Love it.
Need it. Thrive.

fuck this shit

fuck this shit
i hate the time of year
i hate every little bit
it brings me to tears

the temperature of the air
causes my head pain
so why don't i care?
this holiday's so fucking inane

it makes me wanna scream
i just want to tear
away this fucking dream
or should i say nightmare...

in essence - christmas blows
and i really hate the snow
why won't it just fucking die
so i can poke it in the eye

I love it dearly

I love it dearly
this drink I buy so often
it's called pepsi blue

I search for what I know I will never find

I search for what I know I will never find
How can this be?
Belief deceived me
For I cannot comprehend
My self
My own existence
How can this be?
This moment
I wait
Dazed and confused
What meaningless
Is this existence?
Who are we to judge?
Why How Who
I am and yet I struggle
To believe my own existence
But do I want
Want to know? Perhaps
Ignorance, delicious ignorance

I wrote this at like 2 in the morning, if it sounds cheezy in the morning please tell me as so I don't end up making a fool of my self