All great poems come from somwhere...

All great poems come from somwhere...
To See if
if you were as
creative for I am more
future for I am not you

Franson Returns

Franson Returns
Well, after almost a week of being entirely uninspired.... I'm still uninspired. Dammit! Well, we'd best wait and see if my associate and I can come up with something in the next day or two. Ciao 'til then.

New Freeform With Historical Inspiration

New Freeform With Historical Inspiration

This one's inspired by the beatniks too, folks. Here's "Freedom"

The inky stream,
Black fire river,
Cutting, shaping,
Blacktop spans deserts and centuries,
Crossing, following,
Path to home.
Fallen angels,
Cast into shadow,
Teachings rejected,
New order, new life,
No recourse,
Can't turn,
No place,
No haven,
Cold and all alone.
New light dawns,
Shining bright,
Over lives and loves,
New ideas,
New life,

New Freeform to Accompany New Poet

New Freeform to Accompany New Poet

Well, now I've got two poets in the section: myself and someone who would like to remain anonymous. I personally think she's very good, but hey. This is "Oxygen".

A setting sun,
A sparkling horizon-
I run to it,
Needing to escape.
City walls trap and suffocate-
They aim to kill,
Aim to defeat,
Aim to make me bleed.
A winged creature roams the sky-
Pale blue,
�Join me in my liberty!�
And what of that winter day that calls upon you?
Falling snow,
Sparkling fields-
I reach for it,
Needing a home.
Life�s edges are harsh,
Who is untouched?
Why conduct a symphony when I only want to dance?
A row of painted skeletons takes over the land,
Eyes, ears, and hearts are drowned.
I sink beneath the surface
And I can find no air.

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Flowers open here
Budding blooming yellow there
Love year-round unfurls

And, on a side note, there once was a man from Nantucket. The stories are greatly exaggerated.

Well, Folks, Here's Some New Stuff

Well, Folks, Here's Some New Stuff

I'll see if I can't get some other people to contribute too... Someone showed me a freeform they had written, and it was incredible, so I'll see how that goes. But I digress:

Why another day?
Why this awful awful waste
Of my precious time?

(That was written when I was delirious as HECK)

Cold winter breezes,
Snowflakes falling in sunshine,
Aspens in the wind

(My first (and only) attempt at a real haiku thus far)

And that's about all. I'll post more tomorrow, if I think of something witty.

Warning to Those Who Are Feebs: This Will Make No Sense Whatsoever

Warning to Those Who Are Feebs: This Will Make No Sense Whatsoever

Here's my crappy attempt at a beatnik poem. This was written in fifteen minutes total, folks. Check it out:

Foreign policy
Same boxing match every year
Ike in the blue side

Khruschev in the red
Yet never a punch is thrown
Not a punch is thrown

Radiation land
Bomb streaks over childrens' heads
No ones ever safe

"Cold War"; "Kill the reds!"
Thats all anyone can hear
Anyone can hear

Red immolation
Fire across land; nothing lives
No life anymore

Khruschev in the red
Ike in blue; American

But war can be stopped
Though its at our door; can stop
If we think for us

Skeletons strewn here
Over the land of red
Mushroom-shaped doom cloud

Khruschev dropped the bomb
He threw the powerful hook
The powerful hook

Ike would not be beat
He returned with a strong jab
Ike with the strong jab

Now where are we all?
Under bricks; over houses; dead
Strewn about like dolls

Now my haiku over
Haiku finished now; go home
Haiku haiku done

And that's about all. Perhaps more tomorrow.

Crappy Poetry that Me and Jeff Came Up With in English Class

Crappy Poetry that Me and Jeff Came Up With in English Class

Haiku 101:
I am writing now
Writing writing am I now
haiku haiku done

Tonka 101:
I am writing now
Thoughts to paper here are they
Writing writing am I now
Tonka tonka over now
Tonka tonka done

Mango Street Blah-blah:
Syllables all wrong
Mango Street cat had blue car
Inconsequential blah-blah
Burning book sets heart ablaze
Cats and cats and cats

House on Mango Street
Only word that describes it
Of which tears my heart in two
Bad bad bad bad book

Kill Kill Crush Burn Kill:
Kill kill kill bad book
Crush crush burn crush Mango Street
Haiku haiku done

Mango Street Be Damned:
There once was a book that was bad
Can't find any plot that it had
I went for a match
Best make it a batch
A book never poignant, egad!

And thats about all for now, I might write something serious here later (might being the operative, lol).