Black Vogue (2005)

Black Vogue

Sisyphus is dead

This film truly is an odd affair, though not the oddest that I have witnessed by far. While viewing this work, one can't help but think firstly of an experience akin to the treacherous road one travels while on a quest to mine the holy ore out of the great vaginal canals; trying to overcome the evil mythical beasts around every corner attempting to end the impure quest to penetrate deeper into the magical cavern. The miner speeding up with each step, as each step brings him closer to his ultimate satisfaction. The greed overcoming his emotions, he will begin to foam in the mouth like a psychotic horse about to be shot. He becomes ever more clumsy and vulgar in

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Xbox 360 Controller - For Windows

Xbox 360 Controller

For Christmas this year, I got a wired Xbox 360 controller. I had asked for it, so it was not unexpected. I do not own an Xbox 360, but the controller is usable with a pc. I have been meaning to write a review for a while, so here it goes. Microsoft is trying to push the Xbox 360 controller as the new "Standard PC Controller"


  • Most Comfortable Controller I've ever used.
  • Works great with a Dreamcast emulator.
  • Supported by newer games with zero configuration necessary. (Marc Ecko's Getting Up, support expected for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with first patch)


  • *With Microsoft's driver, the same axis is used for the L and R analog triggers, making using both at the same time impossible.
  • *Also, with Microsoft's driver, they use a new system for programs to use the controller, only allowing the newest games to use its force feedback function. So far the only game I've found where the vibrate works is Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.
  • The D-Pad is lame, not good for SNES/NES games that need any level of accuracy.
  • The Four button arrangement rather than 6 as the N64 controller, makes playing N64 games awkward.
Note on *: There is a 3rd party driver which fixes these problems, allowing older games with Force Feedback support to use the vibrate and mapping the controller differently. It though is simply a hack of a driver for the original Xbox controller, and at least last time I tried it was exceedingly buggy.

Honestly, most computer games are designed to be played mouse and keyboard. I've tried a number of FPS games with it, and quite honestly I won't be trading in my mouse and keyboard anytime soon. However I am looking forward to trying it with Oblivion.
Overall, I give the controller an 8/10 rating. (BTW, new rating system on the way)

Brick (2005)


Insane use of English leads to awesome noir.

Brick Movie Poster

Brick is an oddity as it?s a sort of film noir revolving around a group of high school kids. The dialog of the movie is the sort that smacks you across the face and leaves you either loving it or hating it, in that it is stunningly out of place for high school students, and would be far more fitting in a 1950?s crime drama. For about the first third of the film I was sitting there thinking "What the hell is this I'm watching?!" but I soon realized to just flow with it.

The film began with this perfectly fitting kind of indistinguishable yet completely coherent clanging music unlike anything I think I've heard before, as the main character, Brendan,

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No Such Thing (2001)

No Such Thing

Barry Lyndon in wonderland?

This is a monster movie more in the way of Alice in Wonderland then Attack of the Giant Sea Thing from Space (It has both a blond in pig-tails and a mad scientist). The story is of an old alcoholic monster who just wants to die and a secretary turned dominatrix(well not really but you'll know exactly what I mean when you see it). The whole movie is about as nonsensical which in my book is a big plus. Now don't get me wrong don't expect Lynch like surrealism. This is a fairy tail for adults. A genre that has not really been explored at all. Now just because it's a fairy tale doesn't mean its at all simple. This is

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Stereo Future (2001)

Stereo Future

The Japanese version of 'Garden State'

I've had this movie for a long time, and I finally got around to watching it. From what I've heard it's an episode in a series of films, though I cannot find information on any earlier or later ones on IMDB. When I as in the single sentence summary call this the Japanese version of garden state this doesn't refer to the plot but rather the characters. In both Stereo Future and Garden State the main characters are aspiring actors, who have girl friends with mental issues. Moreover they have friends making money doing illegal things. Both movies also have a similar kind of laid back feel and both have great music. Despite the really

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Yahoo Widget Engine 3.0

When yahoo purchased Konfabulator I was suspicious at first, but then they put out Konfabulator 2.0 which was a great release. I thought I had no need to be suspicious. But now with the 3.0 release Yahoo has decided to show their true colors. They have completely destroyed the website. It doesn't render properly in anything other than Internet Explorer, and the page is as jumbled as Yahoo's home page. Next, they bundled hundreds of useless pieces of software with it, and even if you uncheck everything you get Yahoo Messenger which I don't want nor need. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they decided to add insult to injury. They took down all the widgets I had programmed. I am horrified at these turn of events. Update - It's not as bad as I thought

Oldboy (2003)


Pulp Fiction, Amelie, and Blue Spring rolled into a ball of rubbish.

I was at Best Buy and on an impulse purchase, I bought Oldboy because it made quite clear, all over the box, that it had DTS Audio. Oldboy Movie Poster

The movie starts out with a man, Dae-su, who has been out for a heavy night of drinking. He?s at the police department, taken in for public drunkenness. His friend comes to pick him up and take him home, but before he can get home, Dae-su vanishes. The next thing he knows he?s in a prison without knowing why or for how long. He stays in prison for 15 years until he mysteriously was released. He then finds out he has four days to find out who imprisoned

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Battlefield Baseball (2003)

Battlefield Baseball

Zombies, Baseball, Cyborgs, and old women with oversized hammers, what could go wrong? Everything.

Firstly, let me apologize for the low quality of this review, but I promise it is thousands of times better then the caliber of the movie. This movie had everything, zombies, baseball? wait, not everything, just zombies and baseball. Remember something cheesy you saw in a movie once upon a time? More then likely, it was used in this movie. Cheesy sound effects, breaking out into song, someone punching someone and crappy looking dummy goes flying, the list goes on. The context of the movie is basically this: a high school baseball team is trying to make it to the finals, they find out they have to play "Gedo High School" in their first game. They are a

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