WOW!! - Acronymn

WOW!! - Acronymn

I don't know how to use the fish stuff but that doesn't matter cause once again I am rating a game I haven't played . . . in 9 years World of Warcraft will come out and I tell you what It will kill your mothers and rock your world.


Dan Suxorz

Jet Grind Radio

Jet Grind Radio
Platform: Dreamcast
Genre: Action/Sports/Dance/Vandalism
Creator: Sega's Slimebit
Players: 1
-Jet Grind Radio uese a graphic technique called Cell Shading, allowing the characters along with the rest of the game to apear as if they are right out of a comic book. The graphics are completely and absolutely beautiful.
Game Play:
-Jet Grind Radio has but one major flaw which is they chose to make the spray paint funcuntion and the center view funcuntion are on the same button which can become fairly akwards at time but otherwise the controls are great. The gameplay is some of the most enjoyable ever in the history of video games.
-The game has a great story of rival gangs out spraypainting eachother and if you play your cards right you can keep away from the police and your gang, the G G's will rain supreme.
-The game has some of the greatest graphics I've ever seen, a fairly good plot and some of the most fun gameplay ever. This IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE.



Watermelon Wave

I recently have chewed some watermelon wave gum by bubblicious(and by recently, I mean I've been chewing consistantly my entire life). Some advantages of this gum over others are it's smell, and it's friggin' addictive flavor/taste. Drawbacks include the short life of flavor, the price, and the fact that everyone around you can smell you chewing it, and immediately wants some. So, out 11 possible stars, Watermelon wave recieves 7. So if yer ready for a party in your mouth and only a select group of people are invited, chew this gum.


I'm in

Games Begins, & A New Thing

Games Begins, & A New Thing
I have added the ability to rate things with stars and half stars, i suguest you rate things out of 5 but you can realy use as many as you want, note to writers, to learn how ask me(oh, it works with all blogs). Their rather crude now, but I'll make better looking stars later

It Begins!

Our new others page is up yo