Everybody wears them (cept me), but why? For those who don't know, pants are clothing for the legs, come in forms such as bleu jeans and khaki. In general, the make the world a less comfortable place, and get in the way of more important things. Furthermore, when not wearing pants (which includes wearing shorts), you feel the air around you clearer, though they do protect the legs from the elements, wind especially. Pants thus recieve 3/11 pant-legs.

Windows Media Player 9

Lets just say if you didn't like 8 which was only for windows XP, you wont like nine. Its slow and ugly, and huge. Personly I like 6 or earlier. I'd suguest not to download the update UNLESS you absolutely have to.

My Review of the Sun

I left numerous sides out of the review, though there was a lot still included. Some high points were my explanation of what the sun is, and my explanation of both arguments. Some low points (and they were rather low indeed) were overwhelming bias and lack of a creative and predictable rating object. Therefore out a 11 thumbs, my last review recieves 3/11

The Sun

The Sun is a big ball of gas and plasma, and the center of our solar system. Its strengths include it's life giving properties, gravitational pull keeping the Earth in orbit, the energy it produces, and the beautiful sun rises and sunsets Unfortunately, there are many downsides of it, like its blinding capabilities, and radiation that can cause skin cancer. Furthermore, it cannot be seen the entire day (usually), leaving darkness everywhere. It's also a dumb color (yellow). In conclusion, the sun recieves 5/11 stars. On an added side note, I'd like my personal loathe to be accounted for.


Alice is a fairly old game, but it is also a great game. I had not played it until today and now that I have I am very glad. Although I am not very far into the game I just want to say what what I have seen so far has been magnificent. Its based on Through the Looking Glass, the second and much darker book of Alice in Wonderland, although it does not folow the story line at all. This game is dark and freaky and not for everyone. If your like me and you get scared while playing video games(heh) you should only play during the day. It roxors my boxors for sure. Check it out

Meatwad's Dance Dance Jambox

Meatwad's Dance Dance Jambox

For those of you familir with Aqua Teen Hunger Force you may want to know that the site just release a new game. It kicks major ass. Go there NOW AND PLAY IT. BUT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OVERSHADOW MY HIGH SCORE! But go and have a 5/-33 relative time... whatever I mean by that.... Hmmmm....

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Adult swim on cartoon network is awesome, and we all know that. However, the best show is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Why? It just is, so shut up stoopid! I've been spending a great deal of time at the unofficial website ( The games made by these guys, and the chat, and the message boards; all excellent. Trust my claim that Meatwad's Dance Dance Jambox is fun. Btw, you can check out the chat with the MAKERS OF THE SHOW on the site too. SO FUCKING GO ALREADY! I give the site 11 out of a possible 11.

Game Cube Club

Game Cube Club

I just got back from the Game Cube Club (as my title may have suggested). For those of you who don't know what that is, it's where I went to a place where Nintendo was showing off their new/unreleased games. I played a variety of games there, and had a fantastic time. However, that is less important. What is important is that I played all the new games for game cube, such as Zelda, Metroid, and Mortal Kombat; all three of which have yet to be released and hit the market. The new games, all excellent. I even played Jedi Knight II, which was excellent on the PC, and it was very interesting on the GC.