We all know and love dvd(digital video disc) movies. They are the size of cds and and they play movies. The plus side of dvds are the size as laser discs, and the fact that they aren't magnetic and stoopid. It's a real convienence to be able to search though a movie be scene rather than ff and/or rw. The only drawbacks I can possibly think of would be the fact that they're slightly more expensive, and they equipment to burn dvd's is expensive as well. Overall, I really like dvds, and they receive 10/11 chickens.

"Stereo Type A" by Cibo Matto.

I played this album untill my speakers busted! Just moments ago the back fell of one of my EV's. This album is great all the songs are to short with one exeption, "Lint Of Love" at just over six min. The album is incredibly varied, it has sweet brass and bass that reminds you the size and proportions of your internal organs. Go buy this album and play it at full volume you'll need new speakers but its worth it.
Rated: 4/5

Red Fusion Dr. Peper

At first I was skeptical, I thought I dont like Dr. Pepper, I'm not going to like this, but then I took a sip and it kicked ass so I decided to drink more and now Im an addict, god damn it, thank you very much Sr. Pepper!!

The Color Blue

Among the colors, how does blue rank? It's the color of the sky, and it's also attributed to cold temperatures. Some of blue's other features include its mixing capabilities. Mixing Blue with yellow yeilds green, and mixing it with red creates purple. Reasons behind such mixing techniques are that Blue is one of the three primary colors. Another excellent application for blue is hair color, not only in real life, but also in several cartoons. There are many shades of blue, including dark blue, and light blue. Dark blue is often associated with navy hence "navy blue". Blue has so many applications, and was even created into a new soft-drink pepsi blue. It's debatable the best color. So out of 11 possible crayons, blue recieves 10 markers.

Lumaseries CD Tower

I recently recieved a new cd tower for my birthday. It hold cd jewels, there for it does what its supposed to. Since it's only a desk tower, it holds 21. Another plus is that it's black light reactive (ooh aah). So, I give it 9 shiny discs that hold information out of 11.

Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3

Well, for those of you who read my Starwars review, this one is pretty much the same. For those of you who haven't read my review GO READ IT NOW and then come back and read this one. Now that you've read that, this is the same deal; you have to BUY THIS GAME! IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT'S GOOD OR NOT, YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT SOMEHOW! That said, the game so far (I'm not quite done with the campaign) is excellent, but I just can't get into the multiplayer. Maybe it's because I love Starcraft so much, but for some reason, I don't find the multiplayer to be very fun. Graphically, the game is excellent, and the cutscenes (which I opted for on dvd(thank the collector's edition)) are so good that compared to them, perfection is crap. The price is pretty steep, but it should go down in a few months or so. Overall, I would say the game gets 9¾/11 axes.

Watermelon Gum

I recently(and by recently, I mean I've just tried it for the first time a few days ago) have chewed some watermelon gum (such an original name) by Bubble Yum (doesn't even deserve a link). Watermelon gum is typically excellent, but this, was shit. I couldn't believe a texture could be so disturbing. The feeling left in my mouth was awful. I detest this gum. It gets /11. So if you feel like your toilet isn't such a fine mistress for you to leave your partially digested gum, by all means, go ahead and chew it.

Dancer in the Dark

This is a beautiful movie about a woman who comes to America from Czechoslovakia to save her sons eye sight after she could not save her own, but in the process gets entangled in a web of greed, deceit and lies.

Selma, played by Björk, is the main character, which is going blind. She has been saving money for years to get her son the operation to save his vision, but on the very day when she is fired for breaking a machine due to her loss of sight and she plans on asking the doctor to do the operation for less, her neighbor has broken into her house and stolen the money (which she knows because he had been talking to her earlier about being having money problems). She steals her money back but when he threatens to shoot her, she grabs for the gun and he accidentally shoots himself.

Let me say this, the movie is full of beautiful choreography, and yes it is a musical. The movie is seriously heart touching. It was nothing like I was expecting, and I suggest you rent it or see it in what ever means possible to you.